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You Will Never Clean Your House The Same Way Again

Updated: May 9, 2023

You've got a pretty good routine down—you clean the toilets on Tuesdays, vacuum and mop floors on Thursdays, and dust in between. You're feeling pretty good about yourself.

But you don't have time to really go into all those nooks and crannies that your regular cleaning doesn't touch. And it's weird because you were pretty sure you cleaned every inch of your house last week. But then why does a layer of grime still seem to linger on the window sill?

You don't even want to think about what's lurking beneath the surface of your countertops, or how long it's been since you scrubbed at that spot on the bathroom mirror that looks just a little too streaky for comfort.

Well, let us give you some advice: Deep cleaning is for suckers. Don't wait until deep to get down to business—give yourself permission to deep clean whenever you need it!

Deep Cleaning VS Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is ideal to keep your house up and ready to receive guests by cleaning dirt that is easily seen. Areas such as your windows sills, shelves, and floors.

Deep Cleaning, on the other hand, covers everything you do with regular cleaning but with more attention to areas that are often neglected like inside your cabinets, extra care for your shutters, removing spots from your door frames and knobs and wiping every nook and cranny you can’t reach on your regular cleaning.

So why should you do a deep cleaning on top of your regular cleaning?

Because deep cleaning ensures no harmful health hazards grow into your home like bacteria or even molds! A good deep will also preserve furniture, appliances, and other items, saving you money.

And our favorite? Deep cleaning can reduce the time you spend cleaning just surface layers, rendering you to have more time to spend more time with your family.

Let Koller Cleaning Home Services help you deep clean your home, so you can get back to what's important to you. Call us today! (727) 331- 1275 or visit our website

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