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Folding Ironed Clothes

Rental Property Laundry Solution:

Koller laundry solution is built exclusively for your hosts


Guests can have extra confidence to rent your home.

Koller Cleaning was born to handle customers' necessities and you will never have to deal with laundry linens again because our process is simple;

  • Once your guests have departed, simply toss the used linens into our bags and replace them with fresh sets, or if we have your cleaning on the same day we will take care of this. 

  • Every time we’ll ensure you have enough fresh linens for each reservation, and we recommended at least 2 sets of linens. 

  • This is a service you and your guests can trust! Our laundry machines are built and calibrated to perfectly clean, and fold hospitality linens ensuring that they not only look great but are sanitized during every stay.


We Guarantee:

  • Professionally laundered linens for every guest during business hours.

  • Stain-free linens

  • COVID-19 eliminating process

  • 99.999% effective against all pathogens

Washing Whites

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