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Why Move-In/Out Cleaning Should Be On Your Checklist

Updated: May 9, 2023

Whether you're planning to move out of your home or move into your new one, one thing remains the same: you want it to look good and be clean. Bonus: your landlord might want that too!

Even after you have packed up all your belongings and when the moving trucks are ready to roll, many people forget to clean their old or new house and often can’t make time or have the energy to do so. And here’s our take on why cleaning before you move out and move into your new place is essential.

Move Out Cleaning

It’s not uncommon that landlords will have a cleaning deposit to make sure that you leave the place spotless. You only have to worry about trying to clean all corners as best as possible without ruining anything.

Because of this, it’s advised to hire move-out cleaners to help with the cleaning so you can guarantee that you can get your deposit back while only worrying about moving.

Move-In Cleaning

While the place you’re moving into may look clean, you can never be sure if all the spots are clean. The best time to clean your new house is while it is still empty! A cleaning company can come and do a deep clean that will make sure that all the nooks and crannies of your new space are free of any dirt that may still be trapped.

Hiring the right cleaning company will come prepared and make things easy for you. Koller Cleaning Services is happy to get these tasks done for you so you can focus on more urgent things while moving.

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