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Are you ready for a fresh start in your renovated place?

Updated: Feb 26

Everyone is excited to move into a renovated or new home as soon as the construction is

done. The general post-construction mess may have already been

but it's still not ready for your beautiful rug.

Why Post-Construction Cleaning is so Important

For homeowners about to move in, post-construction cleaning is one of the

most critical aspects of building a new home or renovating one. Not only does

it allows you to ensure that all of the construction debris, such as nails, glass,

and other items are removed from the area, but it also gives you a chance to

inspect the property and make sure that everything is perfect before moving


If you’re a construction company, you would know that making clients happy is

a challenge after the construction hassle and part of making that happen is

ensuring that all the work is

done. Post-construction cleaning provides a sense of a more complete

project for clients.

What Post-Construction Cleaning Service Includes

There are many different ways post-construction cleaning can be done.

Depending on the project, the process may vary to make sure that all nooks

are corners are spotless. For Koller Cleaning Services, the checklist includes,

cleaning sliding glass doors, windows, bathrooms, kitchen, in and out of small

and some big appliances, floors, and more. Vacuuming and mopping are also

included in the checklist to ensure the home is perfectly clean and arranged

before being settled in.

A happy home has a great influence on our health and well-being. So, a clean

and tidy house can make its occupants healthy, wealthy, and wise! To learn

more, contact our team at Koller Cleaning Services by calling

727 331 1275 or by emailing

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