Having your house ready for your new guests or tenants is not always an easy task as people usually have different cleaning standards. To avoid complains regarding the level of cleanliness of the place people are about to spend the best days of their year, choose the best cleaning experts in your area.  Whether the place needs only a  touch-up or it was left in less than ideal conditions, Koller Team is here to help with your needs.

What we usually do:

  • Light dust ceiling fans, air vents, lamps, light switches, furniture, shelves, doors and baseboards. 

  • Dust Blinds, Window Sills, Window Ledges

  • Sliding glass doors and tracks

  • Vacuum and Mop all floors 

  • Vacuum Rugs & Carpeted areas

  • Empty trash and change with new bags. 

  • Clean & disinfect showers, tubs ,toilets , sinks

  • Clean Mirrors & Shine Chrome

  • Clean Countertops (special product for marble & stone)

  • We wipe items on counter and underneath them, and place back in organized way.

  • We wipe cabinets surfaces and handles.

  • Change linens and make beds.

  • Laundry service upon request